Google Trends: Popular Dating Apps Tinder vs. Bumble and Downloading Music from Spotify or Apple Music

Dating apps: Tinder and Bumble 

Connecting with people is now becoming easier than ever! Dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble were created to make it easier for people to find matches within minutes of logging on. The competition between the two is difficult to neglect due to the similar goals that they both have . According to Google Trends the popularity of both apps have and continue to be relevant since they have launched.

The Tinder Dating App was first launched in 2012 by Sean Rad and was only available to iOS users, bypassing all Android users. Once Tinder became available to all, it later restricted those under age 18. Tinder then gained popularity on college campuses which reflects on the chart as Tinder remained to be one of the most used dating apps and and continues to have a consistent interest rates.

To compare, Bumble dating app was created by Tinder’s co founder Whitney Wolfe Herd and launched in 2014. Bumble then came out with Bumble Bizz and Bumble Friends which contributed to the increase of interests in October of 2015. Although this may be true, Bumble interests decreased in 2016 and continues to be lower than Tinder. Will Bumble catch up on popularity? 


Spotify or Apple Music: Which one would you pick?

Everyone is always talking about whether they are team Spotify or team Apple Music, yet the similarities to both make me wonder what makes one better than the other?



Spotify being one of the most used digital music, podcast and videos streaming service gives access to millions of songs and content from all genres of music. Known for its personalized “Discovery Weekly” and its “Release Rader” playlists, the popularity of Spotify peaked for a bit in 2009. According to Google Trends Spotify was on the rise in 2014.

Although that may be true, Apple Music had an impressive growth of interest in 2015 and continues to take the lead since. Apple music has done one thing differently from Spotify, that is integrating the iTunes library along with any music you have — whether previously purchased via the iTunes Store, ripped from a physical CD, or uploaded to iTunes Match. This music will all appear on your apple music library which gives users the ability to freely browse through personal music. The success of Apple music continues to grow and is still on high rise, leaving Spotify behind since 2014  

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